Construct is a tool for DMs of 5e D&D. It helps you build & track encounters including initiative, monster hp, conditions and more. Construct has a clean design and is super easy to use, so you can keep your eyes on the players and your mind on the story.

Encounter tracker

Let Construct manage monster hp, conditions, limited-use actions and more so you can focus on your story.

Adventure planner

Prepare encounters and order them by campaign, adventure, session or any other way you like. Every encounter is replayable and can be tailored to the players at your table.


Quickly look up monster stats or spell details (from the SRD 5.1). Add your own monsters and NPCs to make them available in every encounter.

The screenshots above contain (with permission) contents from Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Adventures: Ruins of the Grendleroot.